This course is a project-based
learning class designed to introduce
students to aeronautics and aircraft
design. Students will learn basic
principles of aerodynamics and
fundamentals of aircraft design, culminating in the construction and
flight test of an actual R/C aircraft.
Students will use math, science,
construction, and hands-on building
skills to bring the project to
completion and get the aircraft successfully into the air, and
hopefully back down again in one
piece. Expect to work within the
framework of an engineering team.
This will require leadership,
collaboration, self-motivation,
assessment of individual and group
strengths and skills, research,
budgeting, and project management--
in short, everything that is expected in
a "real world" project.

Technology in the Worldworld.aspx.jpeg

Technology in the World provides
students with fundamental concepts
about Class/Office productivity,
Collaborative Internet-based research, digital citizenship, 2D & 3D imaging,
animation, social networking for Web 2.0
tools. The purpose of the course is to
explore technology as a tool to foster
understanding and the development of
creative thinking and problem-solving
strategies, and to encourage and
stimulate the skills of designing, creating
and producing projects that communicate
information effectively. The course also
invites students to appreciate the
interrelationships between technology and
the needs of society, and to gain an
awareness of the impact of technology
on the global community. Students will
develop computer, organizational,
composition and people skills and will
explore the impact of technology on the
individual and community.


Three Dimensional Design

3d logo small.png
Learn how to manipulate drawings in 3D on the computer. Create a
3D model of your dream house.
This class will explore Pencil
and Google Sketchup and look
for other ways to create 3D Design.

Art and Market

Digital Media

Learn new skills for graphic design using websites and programs such as iphoto,
imovie, GarageBand. FotoFlexer, Glogster,
and Animoto. In class we will work with a
variety of multimedia to create several large
projects, including posters and videos.
Creativity will also be a must, along with
technology operations and concepts. Digital
Citizenship will be required for safe,
responsible use of the internet.


Information Technologies

Explore this introductory programming course using Scratch, Alice and other programs. This course is designed for
students interested in learning more
about programming and is recommended
for those going on to college and/or
technical school. This course is designed
to be a rewarding and fun learning
experience for students who have no
prior programming experience and also
for students who have programming

Science Olympiad

Class Policies/Guidlines